3000 Tonnen Altkleidung - täglich! Das ist einfach ZU VIEL!

Used clothing is not garbage. It’s a source of renewable materials, that can be as multifaceted and transformational as you can imagine. Whatever the style direction—edgy, unique, trendsetting, retro, functional, or simply decorative—we make fabulous pieces from second-hand fabrics, through our innovative and sustainable production process.
Amo, ergo, sum – I love, therefore I am… I am aware of myself and my environment, my actions are caring, responsible, and joyous, just as they are sustainable and creative!

Together with you, we rescue valuable materials before they are shredded, and bestow them with a new design—a new life, a place with you, and a new meaning in YOUR life! These materials that most people toss away without a thought, we feel is a valuable resource that deserves to be reincarnated into a new existence.

We fill all our uniquely designed yoga and meditation décor and accessory cushions with high-quality, completely natural SEAGRASS!

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  • <tc>Jackie Welsing: Mater of textile and clothing technology</tc>

    As a fashion designer, I am not only creative today, but above all environmentally conscious! Because it's time to clean up the rubbish we've accumulated over decades and finally left behind in our textiles!

    With amoamo I'm now fulfilling my heart's desire to make fashion and accessories that are sustainable and at the same time suitable for everyday use create. To treat the world responsibly while making it a little more beautiful.

  • <tc>Esther Schweins: Actress and environmental ambassador.</tc>

    I’ve always had a weakness for the extraordinary: the clothes we wear and even the accessories that we carry are an undeniable expression of ourselves, both appealing and fascinating. But as consumers of fashion, we have the power and the responsibility to move industries toward greater accountability. As buyers, we can simply refuse to contribute further to the environmental damage and waste of valuable resources that most modern clothing production entails. The vast majority of clothing that is available today—literally megatons every year—is produced under inhumane, and even horrific conditions. Disposal of old textiles uses even more resources, and causes still more environmental damage: air and water pollution, as well as nanoparticulate waste—microplastics have become so ubiquitous that it has even made its way into the stomachs of polar bears. Not least, discarded clothes ruin local manufacturers in developing countries. Fully 96 new collections each year pass the tills of the big fashion chains, into overcrowded wardrobes, only to find their way into the dumpster. Nobody in the western world needs this vast volume of excess clothing. Truth is: we are on the edge of an abyss of needless consumption and waste, and need a way out – and the way out can be found within us! With amoamo and our products, we aspire to be a joyful partner in the world of responsible, energetic, and loving citizens who protect what they love - a world and all life, full of miracles.

SEEGRAS - Reines Naturprodukt mit großer Zukunft

Seagrass grows in nearly all oceans of the world, and is one of the biggest CO2-sinks in the biosphere. These oceanic plants remain untreated by any chemicals and are a natural product that doesn’t decay. Dust- and house-mites are not attracted to the dry seagrass, so you can relax on our amoamo pillows allergy- and worry-free.

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